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Baluchi Rugs

Baluchi Rugs are mainly woven by Baluchi tribal weavers in southwest of Pakistan, northeast of Iran and northwest of Afghanistan. Baluchi Rugs are mainly geometric. The Blauchi tree-of-life prayer rug is the most well known of all Baluchi Rug designs. Other designs include repeating all-overs with floral motifs or repeating all-overs with abstract living creatures such as animals (birds are common) and humans. The main colors used in Baluchi Rugs are red, dark blue, camel, beige and white. A common border design is a zigzag design also seen in Turkoman and Anatolian borders. Baluchi Rugs are generally made in small sizes.

Even though Baluchi Rugs are sometimes sold under the name of the specific tribe which has woven them such as the Mushwani, Nishapur, Dokhtar-e-Ghazi, Koudani and Haft Bolah and the village of Chichaksu, often times Baluchi Rugs are marketed by the names of Mashad or Herat Baluchi. Herat Baluchi Rugs are made in Afghanistan and are mainly prayer Rugs. The Mashad Baluchi Rugs are made in Iran and are generally all-over repeats. 

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